YESBABY was founded by Daisy Mae, a young American woman who loves HONESTY, COMPASSION, and the TRUTH.

At this time, she prefers to use a pseudonym as a name does not make a difference to the motivations and experiences being shared here.


YESBABY was officially founded in 2020 after two and a half years of thoughtful preparation and planning. 

Out of the spotlight, using personal funds and a methodically written business plan, Daisy slowly developed YESBABY into a master-planned movement. 

Recognizing that there was a need for a service that offered but in a way that ensured safety and enjoyability to all participants 


YESBABY was founded because Daisy understands sexual crime and abuse on a more personal level.

Sometime during 2004, Daisy began suffering daily sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted and loved parent. Age 8.

Even though Daisy was old enough to understand that this type of behavior was wrong and she knew that she should stop it, the problem seemed much larger than something she could handle alone. Compliance was easier.

By 2005, the abuse was now considered to be an expected and permanent part of Daisy's existence. Age 9. 

Subconscious depression sank in and an eating disorder developed causing Daisy to be convinced she could not eat anymore.

Her explanation to the concerned adults around her was that she could not swallow whole food.

After being examined by multiple doctors and one therapist, it was determined that nothing at all was wrong with Daisy physically, but the disorder may actually be psychological. Ultimately, a panic attack forced Daisy to try eating again after 6 weeks of smoothies. 


Between 2004 and 2013, Daisy suffered in silence thinking it was the best choice. Ages 8-17.

She knew that exposing the truth would rip her family apart and destroy the way of life she was familiar with.

She was also very accustomed to looking out for her younger siblings and was worried about what effect the news might have on them.

She worried most about her grandparents and the shame regret they might feel after knowing the truth.

It is incredibly hard to stop or change any negative force when it makes things function so "normally". 

In May of 2013, Daisy made the painful, yet inevitable choice to put her abuser behind bars. Age 17. 

Fearing for her life and the lives of her family members, she knew the choice had to be made. Even though she still cared for her abuser and wanted to avoid that outcome at most costs. She knew that if she wanted a future in her control, one where she could make her own decisions and be who she wanted to be, she had to remove the most negative force working against her.

It takes careful planning and one fell swoop to destroy a force so huge and evil. 


Between mid-2013 and 2017, Daisy knew she needed to address the past to proceed to the future. Ages 17-21.

She did whatever necessary to heal from her damaging experiences and devoted the majority of her attention to personal growth.

It took several years for her to feel "OK", but in the end, all of the hard work was well worth it.

Healing comes naturally from growth, knowledge, and forgiveness with an absolute absence of fear and regret. 

In February of 2018, Daisy had a relatable epiphany about specific world-wide issues that were rarely being discussed openly. After watching documentaries about the adult industry's history, the corrupt porn industry, and world-wide human trafficking schemes, Daisy had seen enough. She instantly came up with a quaint idea about how this situation might be improved. That small idea quickly grew into an idea for a business, which then rapidly expanded until she was able to bring the culmination of ideas to existence. That's when YESBABY was born. 

Daisy knows personally how intensely destructive the effects of sexual crimes are. If even one person is at risk of or suffers from these horrendous acts, everyone is at risk. Everyone suffers. The cycle continues on and on, never stopping, destroying everything in its path. 

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