Why doesn't YESBABY deal with ESCORT SERVICES?

There are several reasons why YESBABY does not condone, sell, market, associate

with, or support escort services. These reasons include:

  1. Escort Services exploit women.

  2. Escort Services promotes illegal activity under the guise of "sensual services".

  3. Escort Services are inherently dangerous for both the escort and the customer.

  4. Escort Services teach women that it is OK, or even empowering, to be a "sex-worker" and sell their physical bodies.

  5. Escort Services encourages bad behavior and illicit sexual activity.

  6. Escort Services / Prostitution eliminates the desire for emotional intimacy, which causes long-term negative side effects.

  7. Escort Services greatly encourages the ongoing epidemic of human trafficking and even worse, child trafficking.

  8. Escort Services greatly encourages crimes such as rape, assault, robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

  9. Escort Services / Prostitution encourages the rampant and unmonitorable spread of sexual infections and diseases.

  10. Escort Services are generally unregulated yet are closely monitored by police at the legal expense of escorts.

  11. Escort Services have different laws in every state and country and therefore have no agreeable basis for regulation

  12. Escort Services puts all escorts, male or female, regardless of sexual orientation, at risk for life-long repercussions.

But YESBABY still offers a Professional Companion Service. What's the difference?

A Professional Companion Service is entirely different in substance from escorting. Here's why:

  1. Professional Companions are empowered women, and men, of any age over 18. They own their own businesses and set their own schedules.

  2. Professional Companions only promotes the legitimate details of what the service entails, which is all legal activity.

  3. Professional Companions are inherently safe for all participating parties.

  4. Professional Companions teach our models that it is empowering to own themselves in such a way that carries them to success. We promote the kind of empowerment that does not require having sex in exchange for money.

  5. Professional Companions encourages good behavior and healthy sexual activity.

  6. Professional Companions increases the desire for emotional intimacy and can even promote healthier social interaction.

  7. YESBABY Professional Companions is committed to ending the ongoing epidemic of human trafficking and the even worse crime of child trafficking.

  8. Professional Companions takes every precaution to prevent heinous crimes like these from occurring. This service does not permit in-person contact.

  9. Professional Companions prevents the spread of sexual infections and diseases because this service has no in-person interaction.

  10. Professional Companions are regulated the same as any communication-based service would be. YESBABY is currently the only proprietor of this service.

  11. Professional Companions follow the same laws everywhere because it is an independent service regulated by YESBABY

  12. Professional Companions empowers all participants through education and encouragement. This sets them up for life-long success

Ultimately, YESBABY obviously condones sexual interaction.

We simply believe this should be done correctly, where no participants are exploited or put in danger's way.

YESBABY knows that there needs to be some service available that satisfies this need.

We do not believe this service is escorting or prostitution. We do believe this service is, for some, Professional Companions.

View our Professional Companions.

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