Professional Companions

Job Description

Professional Companions are for individuals who do not want to "date" traditionally but also who do not want to use escort services. 

With this service, customers and BABIES get the best of both worlds.

1. As a Professional Companion, you will earn money on a daily basis for

each customer you have. You may have up to 10 PC customers at one time.

2. Use our platform and existing customer base to grow your own clientele.

3. Choose what Companion Experiences you want to offer - completely customize your overall service and routine. 

All communication is carried out via SMS or DM, phone calls (optional), video & webcam calls (optional) and picture & video sharing (optional).

4. Set your own daily rate for each experience. Change them at any time.

*This service does not include or allow for in-person contact in exchange for money.

Compensation & Details

As a Professional Companion, you are free to choose your own daily rate.

With this said, our minimum daily price for the PCS is $14.

Depending on your location and which Companion

experiences you offer, rates can go as high as $99/day.

When adjusting your personal rate, please do not offer this service for less than $14/day.


You make money every 24 hours when the customer initiates contact with you.

For example, you start working with "Bob" on a Monday around 10:00 am.

"Bob" seems satisfied with his experience on Day 1, so the next day, Tuesday,

"Bob" calls or texts you after around 10:00 am, and you've just scored Day 2.

For another example, you start working with "Bob" on a Monday around 10:00 am.

"Bob" seems satisfied with his experience on Day 1, but you don't hear from him again until

Thursday around 5:00 pm. You know he wants you as his PC, but he doesn't

want to talk every day. In this scenario, you make money for Day 1 and also Day 2,

but your 24-hour cycles with that customer are not consistent.

For a final example, you start working with "Bob" on a Monday around 10:00 am.

"Bob" seems satisfied with his experience on Day 1, but you don't hear from him again

for several days. You thought he enjoyed that first day and are unsure why he hasn't tried to

reach out again so you contact him. If he replies receptively, you can have the customer

officially initiate another 24-hour cycle. If he does not reply or replies with disinterest,

you can notify your PC manager with YESBABY to put the customer back in the queue.

In either of the first two scenarios, you have consistently interested customers. However,

one is a daily customer and the other is an occasional customer. The great news is that YESBABY gives you the freedom to work with any type of customer you want to. If you start working with an inconsistent customer and don't feel it is right for you, at any time you can return the customer to the PC queue and YESBABY will work to find them a replacement.

We always encourage our PC's to try to stick to a customer

even if they are inconsistent. Sooner or later, your

infinite charm and abilities are sure to win them over completely!

How You Get Paid

YESBABY collects all PC payments upfront and distributes them

on a weekly basis to the method of your choosing.

No matter your personal rate, you will always collect

80% of every dollar earned.

Final Details

We care about your results and we want to see you succeed.

We know that if you use our resources and platform, you have a much higher chance of return than you would by going solo.

Additionally, if you begin working with a customer who is

impolite, disrespectful, or hurtful, you can always rely

on YESBABY to handle the situation on your behalf.

That said, we want you to make the most of it and to profit from your efforts as much as possible. That is why we at YESBABY have taken extra care to provide you with a series of resources to help get you started:

What to Expect with Your First Companion

How to be the Perfect Companion

How to Manage Multiple Companions at Once


We're workin' on it!

Please check back later.