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What is the website for YESBABY Dating?

The website is

Why does YESBABY Dating Advanced offer background checks?

Sexual assault and sexual violence is still a very serious issue in the modern world, regardless of your age, gender, class, background, or sexual orientation. With the vast potentials of the internet thrown into the mix, sexual predators can become even more opportunistic. If even one person is at risk for these heinous crimes, we all are at risk. The founders of YESBABY can see that the risks that are associated with online dating. We genuinely care about the safety of not just our users, but of anyone putting themselves out there. Recently, Congress in the US has launched an investigation into the dangers of sexual predators and specifically sex offenders targeting dating sites to reach their nefarious goals. YESBABY refuses to be apart of the problem by enabling this to happen freely. We also recognize that if US Congress sees this issue as concerning enough to launch an investigation, it is likely very serious in retrospect to what we "see and hear" in day-to-day life. We want to offer a service to our users that gives them piece of mind when meeting with prosepctive dates that they found online, in this case, through YESBABY. We want our users to be certain that if they are using our premium service which includes background checks, that they do not have to be as concerned with their safety when pursuing love, and life.

If background checks are so important, why offer a free version of YESBABY Dating, without the background checks?

YESBABY wants to ensure that our users are always satisfied with their experiences on our sites. We know that some individuals will want to try our products for free before they commit to it long-term.

If I opt-in to the background check, are my results shared publicly on my profile?

No, never. Beyond keeping our users safe from sexual predators, we know that is really none of our business or anyone else's what other criminal offenses someone has on their record. We do not share background checks with anyone, nor are they ever posted publicly as part of your profile. We use the checks to weed out anyone flagged as a dangerous and violent criminal or as a sexual predator. These individuals are henceforth not able to access our Advanced Platform, no matter what.

Why does the YESBABY Dating Advanced Platform only single out specific offenses? Why not do the same with all offences?

We make it a point to single out anyone flagged as a dangerous and violent criminal or as a sexual predator. Statisticly, an alarming number of dangerous sex offenders and violent persons are targeting dating sites for the sole purpose of repeatedly locating innocent people to hurt and victimize sexually or through theft. We know that not all sex offenders are necessarily violent or seeking to harm others, and it is not our intention to singularly group every sex offenders into one condemned category. Instead, we look at dangerous and violent crimes, particularly ones that also involved sex crimes. These types of offenses are not acceptable when using a YESBABY platform because they directly violate Our Creed. We simply must offer a service that protects our users from any dangerous and violent criminal or sexual predator that would use our site to potentialially commit one of these types of [often times violent] soul-damaging, forever life-changing attacks.

Which criminal offenses would not pass the YESBABY Dating Advanced Platform Background Check?

*Please note, this list is a work-in-progress and is subject to change at will. **We know that each state practices law and order differently, however, YESBABY rejects convictions of any of the crimes listed below SEX CRIMES: -Rape -Child Pornography -Sexual Assault -Aggravated sexual abuse -Marital Rape -Stalking -Molestation & Groping -Human trafficking -Attempted Rape or Attempted Sexual Assault -Sexual Indecency (more like sexual harassment and self-exposure than public indecency) -Sexual exploitation of minors -Endangering the welfare of a child (supplying a child with substances or materials not intended for them or that could harm them) -Selling or buying of children -Exploitation of a child in a sexual manner -Sexual abuse of a minor or ward -Intent to entice, encourage, offer, or solicit that minor to engage in any sexual activity -Interstate or foreign travel with intent to engage in a sexual act with a juvenile -Buying or selling illicit sexual material VIOLENT CRIMES -Aggrevated Assault & Battery -Domestic Violent & Domestic Abuse -Hate Crimes, any -Assault with a deadly weapon -Armed Robbery -Abduction & Kidnapping -Endangering the life of a minor -Child Abadonment -Crimes against children, any not already listed